Radhika Hoon


Radhika Hoon, the current Chairperson is the granddaughter of the Centre’s founder, Mrs. Kamala Lal. She has been running the Centre since 2012 with the aim of enhancing the Centre’s objective of keeping promoting classical dance forms while carving a space for vibrant contemporary dance to flourish. Since she took over, the Centre has built upon its heritage to introduce a varied repertoire of productions which have been showcased both in India and abroad.

Nikita Maheshwary 


Nikita Maheshwary as the Creative Director for the Centre works in tandem with its vision to reflect and engage with the constant evolvement of dance. A contemporary performer herself, she passionately works to create a dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary dance practices of India.

Sarita Puri


Sarita Puri, skilled in artist and studio management is an integral part of the Centre since the past three decades. Her constant support and efficient administration in day-to-day affairs has credited the institution immensely.