The Natya Ballet Dance Festival, 2016, has been crafted towards exploring and experiencing the varied dance vocabulary of the Indian Subcontinent and to ignite a dialogue on the survival and relevance of traditional and unique dance forms in the present day.

We open with the Centre’s own production, Nirvana, an Odissi ballet on the life of Buddha, choreographed by Odissi exponents Guru Aniruddha Das & Nibedita Mohapatra. The following day Aditi Mangaldas debuts Widening Circles, a solo performance based on the Buddhist principle of Pratityasamutpada. On the final evening, Astad Deboo premiers Eternal Embrace based on the poetry of Bullehshah, in collaboration with music composer Yukio Tsuji

Our 2-day conference ‘Dance Discourses’ includes eminent practitioners, dance critics and academicians like Lubna Marium, Ashish Mohan Khokar, Sadanand Menon, Anita Ratnam, Gowri Ramnarayan, Ratnottama Sengupta, Helen Acharya and Aruna Mohanty.The Lecture Demonstrations showcase, Ottanthullal from Kerala, the Tibetan Opera, Orissa’s Gotipua and Seraikella Chhau from Jharkhand.

“With this festival we are hoping to initiate a step towards better understanding of our traditional dance practices; furthermore reflecting on the evolution of dance over the past century. Conceptualized with the vision to build a wider audience for classical and traditional dances of the subcontinent, dance enthusiasts and lovers have much to experience.”

Radhika Hoon, Chairperson & Nikita Maheshwary, Creative Director, Natya Ballet Centre.